We deliver learning to ensure you deliver success​

We are AWe! and we empower asset management learning.​

We understand asset management

We are experts in asset management education and learning. Established in 2013, we are the original e-learning experts in asset management training. 

We deliver exceptional learning journeys

By providing resources to enhance your learning experience and assessing and advising on your capability needs, we can provide tailored learning solutions. Our learning journeys can be designed for individuals or organisation-wide learning programmes.

We provide unrivalled learner support

Our subject matter experts are always on hand to answer questions and support your development.

Asset management and the learning landscape are always changing.

We empower those within asset centric organisations to keep pace with those changes.

Making an investment in building your asset management capability delivers short and longer-term benefits to your organisation and your end clients

Why learn with us?

We are experts in both asset management and online education, offering robust advice and engaging learner experiences. Meet our team to learn more about our expertise.

Our comprehensive training provides competency in the lifetime management of utility, infrastructure and built assets, an understanding of how these assets impact the risks an organisation faces and the ability to manage these risks whilst delivering the desired service and performance at an affordable cost.

Our access from anywhere online courses are progressive, accredited and competency-based. They are designed and proven to build the learner’s confidence and knowledge, and where an individual seeks further recognition, it prepares them for taking and passing the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Asset Management Foundation or Asset Management Certificate exams.

Our courses are endorsed by the IAM and the Continuing Professional Development Service (CPD) – both of whom are globally respected leaders in their field.

Above all, our learning quality promise affirms:

  • Our commitment to being an authority on the asset management discipline
  • Our innovative approach to e-learning course development and delivery
  • Our unrivalled learner support and corporate advisory services

Self-assessment tool

Our new asset management online self-assessment tool is based on the six key areas of asset management as defined by the Institute of Asset Management. 

The online tool, which is free to download, will help you identify any “gaps” and support your course choices. It will also confirm what you already know and ensure you only choose courses appropriate to meeting gaps or to refresh your memory.

Whether you are focused on delivering the asset management objectives for your organisation, or you’re preparing for your next career move, you can choose courses or modules of learning that are targeted to your needs.

This tool is a must have for anyone who wants to find out what they know and what the gaps are that need further knowledge.

It is free of charge to access and should take only 10 minutes to complete.

Once completed, you can download a summary of your survey. You can also access help and advice as to which AWe! courses would fill those knowledge gaps.

Delivering our services

We commit to delivering learning journeys that build the right level of knowledge and capability required by your organisation.

Our structured delivery model follows three key stages:

1. Knowledge gap analysis

We undertake an assessment across your organisation to understand the level of asset management knowledge that currently exists. This baseline knowledge profile then informs our recommendation on the right learning solutions for each of the different roles and teams.

2. Learning journey creation

We recognise that not everyone needs the same knowledge and not everyone needs to achieve qualifications. However, everyone does need to have the right knowledge and language to fulfil their role in an asset centric organisation; each learning journey we create fulfils this need.

3. Learning journey delivery

With 361 days-a-year learner support, we provide easy online access to all courses that make up your specific role-based learning journeys. Your team can then follow their individual journey by blending self-learning sessions with their day-to-day activities, accessing our asset management expert support if needed. 

We deliver our services to enable you to deliver success.

Institute of Asset Management endorsement

We are an Institute of Asset Management endorsed training provider for the provision of training to enable achievement of its:

  • Foundation Award, and
  • Asset Management Certificate exam.

The IAM gives endorsement only to those training providers operating to the highest standards of integrity, so that individuals, organisations and their stakeholders can have confidence in the competence and capability of the provider they choose to learn with.

Continuing Professional Development Certification

AWe! learning is certified by the UK’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) service which has a commitment to ongoing lifelong learning.

CPD encourages looking forward and identifying opportunities to learn something new, refresh existing knowledge, improve skills, or simply keep up-to-date with the latest developments within a particular profession or industry. All our courses provide learning based on the latest best practice in asset management, both from leading organisations and International Standards.

In practice, CPD can mean everything from taking a training course or attending an educational event to studying for new qualifications or learning new aspects of a job. It involves an individual documenting and keeping a record of the increasing skills, knowledge and experience they gain throughout their career.

Engaging with us

Typically, we engage with organisations in one of two ways, or both. 

Our partners are those organisations who realise benefit and value from reselling our training courses under their own brand, through their own learning sales portal. We reward their sales through a tiered revenue share.

Our corporate clients take our full advisory and learning services. This ensures they build the right levels of asset management capability and competence across all levels of their business, so that they can deliver their purpose effectively with an acceptable level of risk, and within any financial constraints.

Partner Opportunity

  • Add value to your core business offering by including asset management learning
  • Become recognised as a training provider for asset management professionals
  • Provide learning solutions branded as your own, accessible through your learning portal or hosted by AWe!
  • Learner support provided by AWe! on your behalf
  • Access all the learning internally to build your own asset management capability
  • CPD points for all learners

Corporate Learning

  • Structured assessment of your teams’ current asset management knowledge
  • Development of customised learning journeys for targeted groups of people in specific roles
  • Learning solutions branded as your own, accessed through your learning portal or hosted by AWe!
  • Consistency of learning and messaging across your organisation
  • Active learner support and coaching from asset management professionals
  • CPD points for all learners
To discuss corporate learning and partner opportunities further, please get in touch.


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