Meet the team
Our proud Yorkshire based team are here to support you along your Asset Management learning journey. Janet Wilson Operations Manager/Head of Learner Support Janet is incredibly practical and realistic with a ‘Customer is King’ attitude; she will go that extra mile to ensure that all learners have the support they need. She has had a 35-year career in Senior Management and Leadership roles within...
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An Asset Management Learning Journey
When we refer to Asset Management, it isn’t a department or a task, it is the way an organisation thinks and operates. An organisation that operates with good asset management principles would likely have the following characteristics: Strong leadership with clearly defined accountabilities and capabilities A clearly stated, and well-understood purpose An understanding of value and the delivery levers Documented...
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The Learning Journey and its Workplace Relevance
Your learning journey is a lengthy one, often spreading across your entire career, starting in the early years of life right through to retirement and even then, you will find you’d like to try a new skill and are eager to learn something new. The Journey Starts Here Starting the journey from the beginning, we naturally learn from our parents or guardians, from early years care settings and the environments...
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What is a SAMP, and why do you need one?
At Asset Wisdom, we know it’s important to develop the plans, strategies, and approaches that every member of your organisation can follow for asset management success. That’s why we champion the use of a SAMP: a Strategic Asset Management Plan. Essentially, this is a planning tool that clarifies your intentions, priorities, and certain practices that your organisation will adopt. Who develops the...
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