The Asset Wisdom learning portal facilitated easy access to the knowledge and understanding required to prepare ourselves for the IAM Certificate. We managed to progress learning as and when we found time through clear and concise frameworks and theory.

The platform also enabled us to have a reference point to revise and test ourselves to ensure we had a process of continuous improvement.

By working through the modules, the learning platform built solid foundations to enable us to achieve credibility through industry recognition by securing the IAM Certificate.

It has been such a positive interaction that a couple of members of the team are now looking to embark on the Diploma and gain further accreditation.

Michael Williams, Operations Director (M&E)


As the world’s number one design company in developing and implementing innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges, driving down risk and increasing asset performance is fundamental to our service offering.

It is essential that our staff and clients have the necessary insights, knowledge and competence to translate their asset management ideals into practice. The awe! courses offers the potential to realise these goals – a small bit of training can facilitate a giant step forward.

Christiaan Lombard, AECOM’s Asset Management Leader

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

The practice of asset management is a careful balance of risk, cost and performance factors associated with the asset base.

The awe! e-Learning delivers this understanding and provides readily adoptable dialogue for the different levels of asset management.

The training is well structured and accessible for everyone in the organisation as it focusses on strategic, financial and operational related benefits clearly and succinctly.

Dr Rachel Dicks (FRICS) RICS


Atkins has been using Asset Wisdom’s Asset Management Certificate Course since 2015. Over 250 of our staff have already completed it, taken the Institute of Asset Management examination and achieved the IAM Certificate. Another 85 staff are currently going through the training course this year.

I strongly recommend the awe! course to anyone looking to gain a basic-level competency in asset management.

Dr Navil Shetty PhD, DIC, FIAM
Director, Fellow & Technical Chair for Asset Management, ATKINS


SMEs always need to enhance their skills to stay ahead in competitive markets. ESF and the Skills Funding Agency have combined to provide funding to access training to assist SMEs.

Partnering with Asset Wisdom provides a great opportunity for SMEs to develop their skills and move towards attaining ISO 55000 accreditation in Asset Management.

Mark Copsey, Impakt2

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Gloucestershire County Council

Aside from identifying key inputs to refresh GCC’s asset management strategy and plans, a major benefit of Asset Wisdom’s ‘Learn, Mentor, Apply & Certify’ approach has been to enable wider cross-functional understanding.

It has, as a result, also stimulated the interchange of ideas to drive continuous improvement across the highways asset.

I see this as a great first step in building our new asset management culture within GCC.

Staff who’ve completed the awe! learning have successfully taken the IAM’s AM Principles Exam.

Liz Kirkham, Highways Asset Manager,
Gloucestershire County Council

Our Clients

Pen Portraits for some client relationships follow:

Kineo is a global workplace learning company that helps businesses improve performance through learning and technology. They are specialists in e-learning and Learner Management Systems. As part of the City & Guilds Group they are part of a powerful global group, leading the way in skills development, technology and credentialing. Kineo provide Asset Wisdom’s learning platform and will soon be adding the awe! courses to their learning library.