What Our Partners Say About Us

At Asset Wisdom, we aim to help both public and private sector organisations achieve their business goals effectively and sustainably.  Alongside our Partners, we strive for the world’s resources to be used more responsibly. Together, we can make asset wisdom widespread.  If you’re involved in asset management and developing sustainable ways to manage assets, we’d love to hear from you.

“In line with IHEEM’S key objectives, we are delighted to announce that Asset Wisdom has become a Knowledge Partner, enabling us to offer our membership externally endorsed and CPD accredited asset management e-learning courses and guidance. These courses and the experience Asset Wisdom brings, will complement the learning and services provided by our other Knowledge Partners. Asset Management (AM) is more than just managing assets, it’s about taking a “whole life, whole systems” approach to strategic investment decisions to ensure the balance between cost, risk, and performance to deliver optimum value and meet the needs and expectation of all healthcare stakeholders.”

Pete Sellars, IHEEM’S CEO

“Atkins has been using Asset Wisdom’s Asset Management
Certificate Course since 2015. Over 500 of our staff have
already completed it, taken the Institute of Asset
Management examination and achieved the IAM Certificate.
I strongly recommend the awe! course to anyone looking to
gain a basic-level competency in asset management”.

Dr Navil Shetty PhD, DIC, FIAM

“I am delighted that Kineo has become a global Strategic Partner of Asset Wisdom’s world class online asset management courses. This gives us significant opportunity to fulfil the growing demand for asset management knowledge across our national and international corporate clients. We knew these courses were proven and endorsed by the Institute of Asset Management but when they gained CPD accreditation it was a ‘no brainer’to become one of their growing network of Partners. We also believe that these courses offer complementary learning to existing courses we deliver”

Seth Ferguson, Digital Product Manager, Kineo

TWPL became a reseller of Asset Wisdom learning in 2016. The development of the awe! suite of online asset management learning has provided the capacity to deliver a broader integrated approach to their education, mentoring and real knowledge transfer services at Foundation, Certificate and Diploma levels. 

During this time they have delivered online asset management learning to over 1,000 individuals and across many organizations who have included: BPA, US, Suez, Europe and MoD, UK.

AECOM became a Partner of Asset Wisdom in 2016.

They saw the opportunity of providing an online asset management course to both their internal staff and those of their clients.

For their own consultants, the online learning gave them the capability to broaden awareness of asset management in a scalable and consistent way. This added value to and widened the level of engagement Atkins consultants had with their clients.

From the client’s perspective AECOM were able to embed asset management
learning early in their major project deliveries. This ensured that the client’s project staff were at a common level of understanding in what asset management was, and how it would be applied to support the project delivery.