Why is Continuing Professional Development important?

Learning and improving is essential for personal and professional growth. Gaining new skills, acquiring and applying innovative knowledge and staying up-to-date with current industry trends helps you to progress with your career. Of course, at Asset Wisdom, this development is something we truly value as we spread the message about asset management to make it an accessible way to expand your learning in order to grow.

What is Continuing Professional Development?

One key way gain further knowledge is through Continuing Professional Development, known as CPD. There are many definitions of CPD; but, for the purpose of this blog, the following CPD certification service definition is used:

‘CPD is the holistic commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their career.’
This definition puts the responsibility for CPD firmly in your hands. Each person must make sure they are increasing their skills and knowledge to be prepared for their next opportunity and continue their career journey. That said, employers also have a key role to play in supporting CPD.

Why do CPDs matter?

A CPD is not simply about holding a qualification. It includes different aspects of learning, such as mentoring and job shadowing, which demonstrate growth and improvement. From this, the important end point is you can provide evidence of a learning experience and what the learning outcomes were from that experience.

The need to show evidence of CPD has been around for a long time. However, quite often, this has been merely to show you attended a course as a ‘box ticking exercise’ (perhaps the requirement was set out in a personal development meeting, or you’re doing a course because ‘the manager said so’. This is not a sustainable solution to career development. Regardless of job role, age or educational level, if you’re not engaged and committed to personal progression then you will not see growth, and the organisation will waste precious resources on your learning.

Why are CPDs so valuable in the current climate?

The importance of taking responsibility for your own development, and providing evidence of what has been learnt, is becoming well recognised. In the current employment climate, which is uncertain and unnerving in a recession, this is even more important. As job competition increases, commitment to, and evidence, of CPD will set one applicant apart from others and give competitive advantage in a very tight labour market.

To gain recognition within a specific profession, registration with a CPD Professional Body is essential. There are approximately 1,000 of these, with an expectation that this number will increase over time. These organisations set standards for individuals to meet to ensure they can continue to be registered with their profession. Therefore, it is even more crucial to take responsibility and provide evidence of upskilling or re-skilling.

What CPDs can you study?

There’s a wealth of CPDs available suited to industry and role. At Asset Wisdom, we have CPD accreditation on a number of our courses, making them ideal to gain the qualifications needed. To find out which of our learning solutions is right for you and discover more about our courses, click here or give us a call for the advice and support that can aid your essential growth.