Why Choose E-Learning?

Asset Wisdom encourages training and development, whether that be a new topic or continual professional development, training is imperative to production and work qualities.

Whilst managers and directors are aware of the need for continuous staff development, it is often met with reluctance. This opposition is more often than not down to time, and the lack of it.

This misconception that training is not worth time is one that many companies share, the worry seems to be that the training is time consuming and that can be better spent on in-house work.

AWE’s offers e-learning AM courses. The certificate course encompasses 14 online modules covering the fundamentals of asset management and in addition offers webinars and workshops to round off the learning, all delivered at a time that is convenient to your work place and all in the comfort of your office or home.

E-Learning is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of training, this is due to the convenience of the courses. In the past, training has meant a full day out of work where you either must travel to the provider or they come to you. E-Learning offers something slightly different which includes the ability to pause the training and the convenience of completing around your busy work schedules at any time of the day or night.

All of our E-Leaning AM courses have been developed by world leading experts in learning and asset management. Offering a wide variety of topics and subjects, you can complete modules in your own time, on your tablet, laptop or pc and repeat any elements you wish to, in any location you wish! As part as the continual development of your employees we can offer regular webinars to round off and deepen your knowledge, keeping them informed, refreshed and up to date with the topics.

E-Learning is the most time-effective of all our learning styles, whilst still providing a fully in-depth coverage of the necessary requirements! Just like all our teaching processes, we can completely customise our modules to your needs, allowing for a completely bespoke and highly effective programme.

If you wish to discuss your personal needs or learn more about E-Learning and its many benefits, feel free to give us a call.

Read our AM Certificate Course leaflet here.