The Reading Room: Your source for asset management development

Our mission to make asset management accessible globally begins with creating the spaces for you to increase your asset management knowledge through your own personal development.

An internet search for asset management guidance and support can uncover so many options. This is welcome news for asset management champions, but it can be overwhelming for learners deciding where to start. Therefore, at Asset Wisdom, we’re compiling our recommended resources for you, with a dedicated webpage for the documents we believe will enhance your knowledge for professional and personal asset management growth: the Reading Room.

What is the Reading Room?

The Reading Room is your online one-stop asset management knowledge shop. It is filled with links to articles, resources, and documents, all designed to support and enhance your asset management knowledge.

To help make this readily accessible for you, we’ve dedicated a brand new section of the Asset Wisdom website for you to access the Reading Room. We’re growing this continually by adding more links to sources that our experts know will support you on your asset management learning journey.

Which resources are available in the Reading Room?

We’re adding to the Reading Room all the time, growing the resource for our learners. Yet we’ve begun with a key area of the asset management knowledge toolkit for the achievement of good asset management: understanding and maintaining assets. The first stage is known as ISO 55000, yet you’ll find further information as you progress. In the Reading Room. There are links to documents and guidance published by experts in asset management, which are clear to read and easy to understand.

You’ll also find citations to recommended reading and other sources in the Reading Room. To date, this includes the industry-termed ‘Asset Management Bible’ on the Institute of Asset Management’s website, which is highly-recommended reading.

How can the Reading Room support you?

The Reading Room is an excellent stage on your asset management journey. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance the knowledge you have, you’ll find the resources to support you.

As we add to the Reading Room, we’ll also be using the platform as a way to wider spread the learning from our partners so you can further benefit from their knowledge. For example, the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM), who supports its members leading and developing high quality-built environments centred on care and wellbeing of patients and staff, are a valued Asset Wisdom partner. They publish articles that bear the ‘awe!’ accreditation mark and are hugely valuable to our learners’ knowledge journeys. You can read some of their thoughts here, and we hope to share these in the Reading Room soon.

Of course, each resource signposted to you is complemented by our asset management learning courses. Take a look at the learning we offer, designed to be flexible and adaptable to help you learn and develop through asset wisdom knowledge any time, any place.

To find out more, please get in touch with us here at Asset Wisdom. We look forward to hearing how the Reading Room has supported your personal development as you grow your knowledge on your asset management learning journey.

Visit the Reading Room.