Resolutions and reflections: how can you grow in 2020?

Asset management is centred around personal development. We know that accessing, and implementing, a better way of learning will benefit you and help you support your workplace. There’s huge value in learning and growth, which we’re striving to enable even more people to access in 2020.

We know New Year’s resolutions can sometimes be hard to keep. Setting yourself up for unsustainable changes that are likely to fail is a negative and challenging way to start January, both personally and professionally. Therefore, we’ve set a positive, fair goal centred on something we truly care about: to continue to provide high quality asset management learning, and make it more accessible.

To meet your professional goals, it’s hugely helpful to look back and discover what you’ve done well, and what you wish had gone a little better, this past year. Doing this helps set fair, manageable and, most importantly, achievable working goals for the year ahead. In that spirit, here at Asset Wisdom we’re reflecting on 2019 and inviting you to do the same. What have you succeeded at in the workplace this year What do you hope to improve on 2020? Here are some pointers:

Your career
Is your career plan on track? Are you where you hoped, or expected, you’d be professionally? If you are, that’s great. What brought you there and what can you do to get you to the next stage? If not, think about what can change. Is furthering your learning an option to enhance your skills and knowledge base to move up, or move on?

Your understanding
Do you feel confident with the issues you’re faced with at work? Are you well-equipped to understand how to tackle problems and make new suggestions? If not, it may be time to boost your learning to gain a greater grasp of processes and why, and how, they can be implemented to support you and your colleagues. If you do feel confident, great! How did you get there?

Your studies
Are you currently doing any study? If so, take a look at your course and decide if it’s the right one for you. Is it fully-accredited and helping you develop your learning? Is the material in your preferred language? If you’re not studying, but are keen to, think about the work you’re involved in. What courses are available that could help you increase your knowledge?

Your happiness
This is the most pertinent question to reflect on: are you happy at work? Do you feel valued? If not, increasing your confidence and your knowledge base can help you bring truly recognisable changes to the workplace. Alternatively, increased skills can boost employability if it’s time to move on. Consider whether you’ve really been satisfied or stretched at work this year, and whether you’ve been given the right training. If you haven’t, take a look at what learning you could do instead.

Reflecting on our successes and struggles at the end of each year is essential for professional, and personal, development. If you feel increased asset management knowledge would enhance your career, improve your studies and boost your workplace wellbeing, take a look at our range of accredited courses and chat to our team. We’d love to help you.

We wish you a very Happy Christmas and a successful New Year.