Organisational culture: new skills for the new norm

Are you ready to change?

The current global crisis has had an impact on us all, both personally and within the organisations in which we work. As an added pressure, many organisations are having to rethink the way they do business. At the forefront of this is their staff and the skills they have, or indeed need to continue to deliver a quality and sustainable service in the new world.

This is a big cultural change for many as it is not a case of “how things have always been done” but “how do we need to do things now” and “what do we need to ensure we have a sustainable business”.

Are you proactive or reactive?

It is often said “one of the biggest assets in any organisation is its’ staff”.

So, what skills do those staff need to deliver today and in the future?

Organisations need to think about the longer term and ensure there is a development plan that fits with the overall business and delivery plan. Investment in staff education and training is pivotal to success and now more than ever. The right training is known to increase productivity and morale as well as sustaining and driving up quality and mitigating against fragmented services.

Is workforce reprofiling on your agenda?

Many staff are having to take on new roles and it is crucial that these staff possess the right skills to do the job that is being asked of them. None of us can take on a new role without the skills and knowledge to do so. Added to this is the need to know why they are doing what they are being asked to do, understanding the organisational processes. Investment in staff training and education ensures the required skillsets are in place for staff to be effective and contribute to the success of the business in the new norm.

Investment in training now will reap rewards

Not investing in staff training can result in a reduction in the range and quality of services, inefficiency and duplication of costs and low staff morale; this is especially so given the close association between staff engagement, training and quality of service delivery.

How do you maximise the use of technology in training?

Organisations need to maximise training benefits and embed training and education into their strategy. Now, more than ever technology has a big part to play in training with many staff working and training from home. This may mean staff need new skills in the use of online learning and help to be receptive to new ways of learning.

Our range of online learning courses are a perfect fit for this type of home working and will benefit not only the individual but the organisation as a whole.

Not only do staff have to change and learn new skills but so do managers and trainers. Do not miss the opportunity to ensure your staff have the right skills and knowledge and, in return, they will ensure they continue to deliver a quality and sustainable service.

Need a hand?

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