New Partnership With Smart Compliance Limited

Asset Wisdom Ltd and Smart Compliance Limited of Uganda have come together to form a Partnership to support the spread Asset Management knowledge globally.

Asset Wisdom offers specialist e-learning to build corporate and individual asset management knowledge. For the individual, this offers a professionally recognised career path in asset management. For corporates, it enables significant and sustainable business performance improvement by developing and embedding asset management knowledge across the organisations.

Smart Compliance Limited is management consulting organisation based in Uganda offering training and certification services on Health and Safety, Environmental , Quality , Risk and Asset Management throughout East Africa. Smart Compliance Limited will offer two courses in Asset Management both of which are delivered online, endorsed by the Institute of Asset Management in the UK, and certified by the globally recognised CPD Certification service.

Francis Bbaale Business Development Director at Smart Compliance Limited said:
We believe there is a growing demand for Asset Management (AM) knowledge across east Africa. This is driven in part by the increased investment in Infrastructure projects and the need to deliver environmental improvements and the application of new technologies as well as the need for whole life cycle, whole systems investment decisions. We are delighted to partner with Asset Wisdom to offer our clients proven AM eLearning that will for Individuals create new career pathway opportunities, add value to corporate business and begin to address some the societal challenges we face today and in the future.”

June Lancaster Managing Director of Asset Wisdom, said:
Smart ComplianceLimited like Asset Wisdom understands that building great collaborative relationships helps their business to grow and thrive. Their leadership role underpinned by their company values of Integrity, Fairness, Responsibility, and commitment to the community sits well with Asset Wisdoms beliefs. Their commitment to delivering quality assured learning knowledge provides a platform for asset management courses to be made widely available and we look forward to working with Smart Compliance to support the growth of the next generation of Asset Managers.”