New eLearning module – Information Management

We live in a world where data and information are available in abundance but how this is used to improve our lives and our work is less clear. We understand that there is complex information and knowledge to process when exploring the world of asset management and, to help you navigate this sometimes-complex picture, we have developed the Asset Information Management module.

This module explores the landscape of asset information and knowledge. It covers the purpose, value and elements of an Asset Information Management Policy, Strategy and System, and the factors which determine information requirements and quality to effectively support good asset management and decision-making.

That is why we have developed a new learning module to allow you to benefit from the knowledge and understanding of what Asset Information is and why it is required.

The module content builds on knowledge already gained in the Certificate Course, so we recommend that you complete the Asset Management Certificate Course prior to this module.

Why I Should take this, module and what I will gain?

  • You need it if you are a professional or want to expand your career and are working within various sectors and organizations.
  • This includes professionals in roles where data and information are one of the key requirements needed to carry out your role. It is suitable for any asset management professional who wishes to further their understanding and knowledge of Asset Information.
  • Asset Wisdom has developed the Asset Information module with content provided by internationally recognised Subject Matter Experts.
  • It covers what Asset Information is, why it is needed, and why an asset information policy and strategy are required.
  • It will provide an understanding of defining asset information requirements and covers Asset Information Management Systems and Asset Management Decision Making.
  • As with all our online learning, the courses and modules are accredited by the CPD Service; therefore, on completion of this module, you will receive 5 CPD points.
  • This advanced module aims to broaden your knowledge and understanding of asset management and help you to progress and develop within your career as an asset management professional. You can complete this advanced module in addition to other learning modules and courses we have available. You can find out more about our courses and modules here in our course library.

How do I Purchase? Purchase here

How do I access this module?

At Asset Wisdom, we think that learning should be accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Our online learning is easily accessible to help make your learning journey as simple as possible.

Once you have purchased the module from our course library you will be able to complete your learning from any smart device.

The module provides learning tools including professional audio, learner interactivity, formative and summative assessments and a reflective log that the learner can download in addition to some recommended reading.

To further assist you on your Asset Management Learning Journey, we have the Reading Room section on our website where you will find documents and further reading to enhance your asset management knowledge.