Learning as a Service: Partnerships for Business Growth

Successful asset management has a huge impact on business growth, the economy, the environment and our lifestyles. As a company, you understand that people are essential to get real value from your assets, and you want to do that in a sustainable way. Therefore, at Asset Wisdom, we’re delighted to support you by delivering our learning as a service.

With learning as a service, you’re one step ahead of businesses who are recognising that the time is right for growth through asset management, but are yet to develop the learning or make a positive change.

What is learning as a service?

As one of our reseller partners, you offer the learning to your clients and we deliver it.

You focus on sales and marketing, which is all done under your own company branding in your own way. (We can support you with this, and co-brand, if needed.) The rest is all up to us: delivering the learning in a professional, regulated and proven way that increases asset management knowledge for professional and personal development.

We deliver workshops to your company, designed to show executives how asset management will improve their business. We explore the best approach for your business, then start to put the right systems in place. Then, we’ll offer webinars to guide and advise you as you progress.

Why offer learning as a service?

  • Add value to your current offerings, and extend what you’re able to provide to your clients
  • Gain peace of mind from fully-certified, CPD-accredited and industry-verified learning
  • Deliver under your own brand, giving your clients assurance of your recognised company name
  • Be seen as a leader in asset management knowledge and a collaborative partner
  • Use a suite of educationally-sound learning that can be easily accessed online
  • Receive support services, including setting-up user accounts and online secure platforms, and help desk assistance
  • Support staff development through required training, resulting in improved confidence and capabilities
  • See real financial growth with added core-service value.

Who are our partners delivering learning as a service?

We work across a breath of sectors with consultants, learning and service providers, universities and professional bodies worldwide.

Our network of reseller partners is growing. We’ve shared what benefits two of our latest reseller partners, Kineo and Max-Migold, have discovered through selling our learning under their own brand. Take a look and see how they’re growing their businesses through asset management.

How can you provide learning as a service?

Our reseller handbook is a great guide to your next steps if you’re thinking a reseller partnership is the right way for your business to grow. You can also get in touch via email or give us a call: we’d be happy to help you.

Join us to deliver learning as a service and help spread the asset management message worldwide.