Learning anywhere, anytime: asset management at a time and place to suit you

Part of our commitment to making asset management knowledge widespread is enabling you to assess our learning at a time and place to suit you.

Many people find themselves working from home, especially in current times. Available hours in the day have typically increased for many for reasons, some as simple as no commuting time. If you’re looking to use your time wisely, at Asset Wisdom our online learning allows you to study asset management at a time, place and pace to suit you.

Well-established and fully accredited by the Industry of Asset Management (IAM), our courses are ideal for those looking to grow in a current role, add skills to their CV for future, or aid their own personal development. No matter what stage of your asset management journey you’re on, there are courses for beginners as well as those looking to expand their existing knowledge.


With Asset Wisdom, you’re able to work at an hour and pace to suit you. If you have childcare commitments, parental responsibilities can prevent you from accessing or attending classes run online (or in person) at certain times. Our ‘anytime’ courses remove the time constriction barriers to learning. The training portal is yours, and open to you to assess whenever you need to.


Our daily schedules are ever-changing, so there’s no requirement to complete a course during a set time period. If you’re disrupted mid-way through a module, no problem: simply log-in and pick back up where you left off. If you want a refresher, that’s fine too, as all you need to do is repeat a module to revisit any learning you’ve already covered. If you find you’d like to condense your learning into one period of time, you can complete the course modules in consecutive sessions.


awe! courses give you access to wealth of asset management experts. They provide the expertise you need, with an online community also studying and ready to engage, advise and support. It may be virtual learning, but it’s most certainly not done alone: you’ll be guided every step of the way. Some courses even have complementary online workshops and seminars for you to get involved in.

The time to increase knowledge, access learning and hone skills has never been better. We’d love to help you do that through increasing your asset management knowledge. Discover more about our courses, and get in touch to see how we can support you.