Introducing Andrew Nutter as Our New Business Development Colleague

Building on reseller partnerships to support collective growth

Learning and development that supports your personal and professional growth is integral to what we provide at Asset Wisdom. To deliver this, we continue to build on an ever-growing strong network of industry professionals that guide you through asset management courses, partnerships, and skills to aid your success.

As such, we’re delighted to welcome Andrew Nutter to the growing Asset Wisdom family. In his business development role, Andrew is committed to supporting you and your organisation through successes and challenges that asset management brings.

Expertise to guide your growth

You may know of Andrew’s great reputation in the asset management industry. With six years’ experience in the education sector at City and Guilds, Andrew takes pride in supporting businesses to achieve success through their people. Andrew has a strong background in helping individuals, organisations, and economies to achieve their objectives and develop their skills for growth – an ethos perfectly suited to us here at Asset Wisdom.

As we continue to build and strengthen our reseller partnerships, Andrew’s broad understanding of various industries and managing key accounts will be invaluable to you as we help you to spread asset management knowledge and support your teams. Andrew’s business development role will help grow your reseller business through a partnership and consultative approach that aims to understand the best way we can support you to deliver our courses together.

Building your reseller partnership

Andrew will be instrumental in building a reseller partnership that helps you deliver accredited learning under your own Company branding. The partnership provides you with the ability to deliver our proven, regulated courses that increase asset management knowledge for professional and personal development, yet as a partner you are able to market these courses under your own Company branding to your own clients.

To support you, Andrew can deliver workshops to your executives, exploring how successful asset management will improve business. Only after understanding the best approach for you will he begin to put the right systems in place with webinars, course materials and ongoing support services.

Supporting your successes through your assets

Committed to supporting you develop your skills through successful management of assets, Andrew says ‘My immediate priority is to reach out and listen. It is important for all of us at Asset Wisdom to understand how we can support and add value to our family of partners and resellers both during the current crisis, and in the future. I look forward to contributing to the continued success of the Asset Management team.’

An avid fan of musical theatre, Andrew also enjoys watching sports and spending time with his family. You can contact Andrew directly for an informal chat or to learn more about the ways he is able to support you here.

To find out more about becoming a reseller partner and how asset management supports your success, take a look at some of our successful partnerships and online courses.