How does CPD certification validate your learning?

Asset Wisdom’s Partnership with The CPD Certification Service is incredibly important to both us and our clients. We know our learners are looking for CPD Certification and the evidence it provides of an accredited course, which will give you, the learner, the expert knowledge you need to enhance your asset management journey.

In our latest video, our MD June Lancaster spoke with Martin Rowe, Chief Operating Officer at The CPD Certification Service. The CPD Certification Service is now in its 25th anniversary year. It receives, assesses and, if suitable certifies services on its members’ behalf. The assessors look to check material is original, that the person is competent to have produced it, and that they are competent to deliver it.

We are exceptionally proud that our asset management learning materials and courses have received such verification, with the wide range of knowledge and benefits this can offer you.

June and Martin discussed what it means to be CPD-certified, and what the accreditation can offer to those who are developing their knowledge and building a career in asset management with Asset Wisdom or one of its partners. You can watch the full conversation here.

CPD approval: what does it mean for you as a learner?

Martin explained that The CPD Certification Service is there to test both the quality of learning and the way it is delivered. Even with strong internal quality controls in place, such as those we have here at Asset Wisdom, the eternal CPD approval validates the learning. For us, this CPD approval of our online learning courses helps set Asset Wisdom apart from other asset management course providers on the market.

Martin stresses the benefits of taking CPD accredited learning for the end user. With 80% of the working population not being members of a professional body, for them, CPD is training and learning that they do to enhance their CVs, improve their career prospects, get a pay rise, go for a promotion, or gain new skills to start new businesses. This is great validation of the personal and professional benefits we see here awarded to you as our asset management learners.

Future knowledge: the importance of your learning journey

In the discussion, Martin predicts future employability will be entirely dependent on completing, and retaining, changed information throughout an individual’s working life. A commitment to study through CPD certified courses is a great way to enhance that, as Martin believes CPD will be a huge feature of the future.

Martin also predicts the increase in digital CPD submissions, such as e-learning or digital delivery (for example, a Zoom conference), is here to stay. In fact, digital submissions now represent 45% of CPD certifications. As June stresses, this CPD label is of great importance to our learners, and the digital nature of the courses offers both UK and international learners portable learning to assess any time, and place. We are incredibly proud of our partnership here, as Martin says CPD is trademarked throughout the world so we know it will instil immediate trust for our learners and give you great confidence in the learning you are completing and the success it can provide for you.

Martin emphasises the difference between CPD Certification and a formal qualification. While a CPD course is not there to qualify you in a particular area, it is there to enhance your prior knowledge and help you use it support your personal and professional growth.

To find out more about our CPD-certified courses or how to become an Asset Wisdom knowledge partner, please get in touch.