How does CPD certification support your Asset Management learning journey?

At Asset Wisdom, we were very proud to have gained CPD accreditation for all online Asset Management learning in 2019. Whether it be individual modules or full courses; they have all undergone the robust accreditation process. With the onset of Covid19, it is important that learning can continue, and this has been demonstrated by the shift from face to face to online learning.

What does it mean for our learners?

CPD certification is more than simply a box to tick. For you, the learner there are many benefits to choosing our online Asset Management learning.

CPD certification is only awarded to courses that meet exceptionally high standards. With CPD accreditation, you can rest assured that the course material is accurate, relevant, and designed to support you as you further your personal and professional journey. Learners receive CPD Certificates on the successful completion of their chosen online course and these will help build up their learning portfolio to demonstrate their commitment.

What does it mean for our Partners?

Our Partners choose to use our accredited learning which instils confidence by demonstrating that all our online learning is of the required educational standard.
We all know that the term ‘CPD’ conjures gravitas, so the accreditation helps Asset Wisdom’s online courses stand out amongst others. It helps our learners and partners set courses apart from one another to make the right studying decisions.

CPD certification is highly valued by our customers; we feel that external validation is essential. Our accreditation gives our learners, their employers, and our partners the confidence in the content of our online courses. Studying a CPD-certified Asset Management course provides you with the support, engagement, and knowledge crucial to career growth and personal development, now and in the future.

To find out more about our CPD-certified courses or how to become an Asset Wisdom knowledge partner, please get in touch.