Asset Management in the NHS: IHEEM Partnership and Greg Markham interview

The NHS continue to deliver a first-class service with their obvious priority being to keep the nation safe through Covid. Never has it been more important to understand the way our NHS works and how to support its ongoing success. Naturally, there are multiple ways to do this and in the Asset Management sector our position is to help the NHS understand the value and benefits of utilising the principles of Asset Management within the ISO55000 framework.

In another of our series of interviews with key stakeholders involved in Asset Management, we were delighted to be joined in conversation with Greg Markham, Estates and Assets Director at Serco: a leading provider of public services. Watch the video here. Greg has an extensive background working in and for the NHS and we are extremely pleased that he shared his knowledge and experience which will be invaluable in taking forward Asset Management within the Healthcare sector.

Understanding assets in the healthcare sector

With his NHS background, Greg highlighted that there was a degree of Asset Management in place but not within an Asset Management Strategy. As you would expect in such a massive and important organisation, Asset Management implementation focussed on asset maintenance rather than Asset Management. This meant missing out on the crucial whole-system approach that requires understanding of the application and benefit at all levels. In that thought, Greg discussed that, whilst ISO55000 provides a strong framework, it often leaves a degree of uncertainty.
As Greg explains, the NHS are given money for capital spend and quite naturally use it for essential purchases without having the full understanding of how that spend affects the wider healthcare infrastructure. To improve decision making about capital spend, there needs to be greater investment in Asset Management.

The value of Asset Management at all levels

In his discussion with Asset Wisdom Co-Founder and Co-Director June Lancaster, Greg revealed that spend on NHS Estates is the third greatest. It would therefore be prudent to include it in decision-making about patient care at Board level to ensure that the whole infrastructure can adapt to the changing clinical demands of the service.
If the tools and techniques of Asset Management are not used now, Greg said he would be concerned that the NHS will miss the key opportunities in the whole life cycle of the service and this will have a detrimental impact in the future.

Healthcare asset development with the IHEEM partnerships

With healthcare and the NHS at the forefront of our asset leadership thoughts, Asset Wisdom Co-Founder and Co-Director Chris Bradley introduces our partnership with Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM) in this short video. IHEEM is an International Professional Engineering Institute specialising in the Healthcare Estates Sector. It aims to make sure that its members and those leading and developing high quality-built environments where the care and wellbeing of patients and staff are justifiably recognised for their significant contribution to patient care.

Asset Wisdom are proud to be a knowledge partner of IHEEM delivering courses such as the virtual Asset Management Certificate Course and the Asset Management Foundation Award Course. These help IHEEM support their members through education and training opportunities. You can learn more on the IHEEM website. You can also view course details for IHEEM members here.
For further discussion around IHEEM and its dedication to whole-cycle management for asset resilience, take a look at our interview with Pete Sellars, Chief Executive Officer of IHEEM.
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