Asset Management Courses: CPD Approval

At Asset Wisdom, we strive to support individuals and organisations to develop through effective management of their assets. We know that thorough asset management is the key to building a successful business with happy employees. As such, we’re delighted to announce that our Asset Management Foundation Award Course and The Gateway to Asset Management Course have been awarded CPD accreditation.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is a widely-recognised, independent organisation. It ensures individuals and companies keep their skills relevant and their knowledge up-to-date. By receiving CPD certification, we can ascertain that our foundation award course meets the strict criteria of furthering learning with high-value, well-structured course material.

The Asset Management Foundation Award Course and The Gateway to Asset Management Course, provide a solid foundation to understand the basic concepts, language and significant benefits that can be gained from effective asset management. It means that all learners, irrespective of rank and job title, can understand the impact of their role within their organisation. Therefore, it supports our ethos to make asset management widely accessible and is a great support tool for developing a team.

The courses also includes an introduction to the International Standards for Asset Management (ISO 55000), helping you to understand the standards applied and their terminology.

For The Asset Management Foundation Award Course, after learners successfully complete all three modules and recommended reading, they are prepared to take the Institute of Asset Management Knowledge Test: the final step of the course. A pass mark of 66% or above is awarded the IAM Foundation Award Certificate.

Businesses support their staff through commitment to CPD assessment. This ensures they’re developing their personal skills and acquiring new knowledge that will help them grow and increase their abilities. This is hugely important both for business development and personal growth.

We are thrilled that the value of our Asset Management Courses have been recognised by CPD. Visit to find out more about course accreditation and why this matters so greatly to us. You’ll also find our CPD-certified logo and certificate proudly displayed on our website alongside the foundation award course material.