AW013 Life cycle activities Part 1

This module explains the key phases in an asset’s life cycle. This includes identification of need, creation or acquisition, utilisation and maintenance and decommissioning and disposal. It looks at the integration of these activities to maximise value and at the role of planned interventions and actions to take in the event of failure and incidents. This module should be considered in conjunction with “Life Cycle Activities Part 2”, which covers enablers and disciplines used to support these topics.

Learning Outcomes

This module will provide you with an understanding of:

How asset management maximises value from assets over their life and how this supports the delivery of asset management objectives
The principal activities performed in order to acquire, operate, maintain and dispose of assets
How the life cycle activities interact with each other and other business activities and the importance of communication and collaboration in making this interaction effective, and
What is necessary to effectively participate in asset life cycle activities.

Course Content

In Life cycle activities Part 1 we look at:

Asset creation and acquisition
Asset operation
Maintenance delivery
Asset decommissioning and disposal

Estimated Duration

30 mins in one session (or in small parts if preferred)

This course includes:

Certificate of completion
Interactive activities