AW009 Asset Information

This module focuses on the role of information within an organisation’s asset management system.

It identifies the core components of an effective asset information environment, including the information needs of internal and external stakeholders, and the ‘asset information systems’ needed to manage this information.

Learning Outcomes

By completing the module, you’ll understand:

The importance to an organisation of knowledge about its assets
The role that asset information plays in supporting effective decision-making
The importance of a systematic approach to delivering the organisation’s information requirements
How to prioritise actions when seeking to develop or improve an asset information system, and
The role that an effective asset information strategy can have in improving an organisation’s effectiveness in the delivery of its asset information requirements.

Course Content

To understand the importance that information and information systems play in asset management we need to:

Understand the importance of asset information in supporting the asset management system and how using this information will help you make effective decisions
Develop an understanding of the key components of an effective asset information environment and how these need to be maintained
Know what internal and external stakeholder information requirements are
Explore the core components of an effective asset information management system

Estimated Duration

20 mins in one session (or in small parts if preferred)