AW007 Asset Management Policy, Strategy, Demand Analysis and Objectives

This module explains the role of asset management policy, strategy, demand analysis & objective setting and how they provide the cornerstone of an effective asset management system.

It covers the scope, structure and elements of each activity, explaining how they are informed by, and aligned to, the organisation’s objectives and how they serve as the foundation for its asset management planning activities.

Learning Outcomes

By completing the module, you’ll understand:

The importance of establishing an asset management policy
The importance of developing an asset management strategy
How demand analysis is used to develop strategy and its long term planning
The importance of setting asset management objectives, and
The role of the above to support the production of the organisation’s asset management plans that, when delivered, will underpin the efficient and effective delivery of its strategic plan.

Course Content

To understand policy, strategy, demand analysis and objective setting in asset management we need to:

Know the terms (though definitions vary) and the activities involved
Understand the importance of asset management plans, strategy and objectives
Know the steps required to translate strategy & objectives into asset work plans
Be able to analyse future demand for products/services
Recognise the ongoing importance of creating a clear link between the organisation’s strategy and its other
activities, e.g. H&S and Quality

Estimated Duration

20 mins in one session (or in small parts if preferred)