AW006 Scope of the Asset Management System

This module explains what an asset management system is and how it impacts the whole organisation.

It shows the scope, structure and main elements of a system and how this provides for the coordination, control and continual improvement of assets in line with the organisational plan. This includes highlighting the key factors and people needed for effective implementation across different environments.

Learning Outcomes

By completing the module, you’ll understand:

What an asset management system is, its concepts and how it impacts the whole organisation
The leadership, planning and support operations that are called for
The span of stakeholders needing to be involved
The measurement and continual improvement activities that need to be engaged in

Course Content

To understand the importance of asset management systems we need to understand:

What an asset management system is
How it impacts the whole of the organisation
The essential concepts that must be embedded in an asset management system, as well as the key components and features
Who and what is involved in establishing the asset management system within an organisation, and
Continual improvement activities.

Estimated Duration

20 mins in one session (or in small parts if preferred)