AW002 Introduction to Asset Management

This module provides an introduction to asset management. It highlights the principles, processes and benefits of good asset management, including the need for an asset management system, its main components are and how they are applied. The module emphasizes the importance of informed decision-making throughout the life cycle of assets so that they deliver value in a safe, reliable and sustainable way. The value of the international asset management standard – ISO55000 – is highlighted.

Learning Outcomes

This module will provide an understanding of:

What asset management is
What assets, assets systems and asset portfolios are
The value of assets, and
The benefits of effective asset management.

Course Content

To understand what good asset management is we need to know its concepts and processes, including:

The need to align asset management policy, planning and life cycle activities to the organisational objectives
The importance of optimising asset management decisions over the asset life cycle, and
How asset management is enabled by culture, structure, competence, information and information systems.

Estimated Duration

20 mins in one session (or in small parts if preferred)