Why training your staff is essential for business growth

Staff training and development is an essential part of any job. Training helps enhance your team’s learning, allowing them to grow their knowledge base and develop their skill set.

The greatest barrier to efficient staff training processes can be concerns about duration and disruption. Employers and managers might be worried that training may be lengthy, take important staff resources out of the working day, and be expensive to run.

However, at Asset Wisdom, we know that staff training and development is an incredibly worthwhile investment, which presents a positive return. Although training can be time-consuming and hard work, training your staff is highly beneficial to increase productivity and improve methods of working.

Here are our top five reasons to invest in effective staff training:


Improves performance

Training your staff will directly improve their performance at work. They’ll acquire new-found knowledge that helps them to do their job to the best of their abilities, applying the latest industry learning and working to a far higher standard.

Training and staff development will also give employees a greater understanding of their responsibilities within their role, which will naturally build their confidence. This improved confidence will enhance their overall performance, in turn benefiting the company.


Improves employee satisfaction

Staff who feel appreciated and valued within a team have higher employee satisfaction; naturally, this results in a far more efficient workforce. When staff feel their thoughts, ideas, and work ethics are valued, there will be a directly positive correlation to the quality of work they produce. Happy employees will put greater effort into their work, with increasingly improved outcomes.

One proven way to increase staff satisfaction is by training them. Training allows employees to feel valued within a business by showing them that the company and managers have their needs in mind and are investing time and resources to help them develop and thrive. In response, staff will want to put these newly-learned skills into action and strive to produce an excellent quality of work.


Improves productivity

Training is also an excellent way to improve productivity and working methods. Investing in teaching your staff new skills and processes allows them to learn more efficient ways to carry out their day-to-day tasks, as well as to tackle new challenges effectively and adopt new processes.

Further, improved staff understanding from training will increase their knowledge that improves their efficiency. For example, acquiring new skills, or better ways to approach existing tasks, reduces the time it takes to carry out a process and research new methods, as well as minimising the new number of staff members it takes to complete a task. This all contributes to a more productive workforce.


Improves company reputation

A company that fails to invest in their staff and shows little commitment to their development will naturally gain a poor reputation. Not only this, but staff who feel undervalued may service customers less efficiently, resulting in failure to win new contracts and existing clients taking their business elsewhere.

Improving your team’s performance through training will produce a highly-efficient, hardworking, knowledgeable and motivated team. This staff excellence will be apparent to customers both old and new, resulting in an exceptional reputation for the company. Your customers will see a friendly and competent team that provides an excellent service, and trust and value a management team who are keen to invest in their staff. With this positive approach, and a demonstrable attitude of care, your clients will become returning customers.


Reduces employee turnover

It has been said that the primary reason employees leave a company is dissatisfaction with their management team. A high-turnover of employees reduces productivity, increases recruitment costs, and presents a negative image to customers. Therefore, to attract and retain the best talent, you need to show them that they are valued, supported, and that you are committed to their development.

A clear way to show your team that they are important is to train them. Your newly-trained and highly-motivated staff will be happier, and more likely to remain a part of the company, thus reducing employee turnover. As training is a great way to improve staff satisfaction and allow them to feel appreciated, the likelihood of staff leaving due to unhappiness will be reduced.

There are so many positive aspects of staff training and development that will be highly beneficial to your business, its reputation, and overall day-to-day processes. The reasons above are non-exhaustive: the benefits of investing in your team are expansive and can have directly positive results on business growth. At Asset Wisdom, we highly recommend that staff development and training should be implemented in every workplace. Contact us today to find out more about our bespoke, fully-accredited e-learning courses.