The Housing Asset Management “Learning Journey”

Our aim is to help develop Asset Management skills within the housing sector which, in turn, will help organisations take on the tough challenges they currently face within the sector.

We want to contribute to the building of more confident communities that put tenants first, including the construction of affordable and fit for purpose housing. We aim to do this do this by providing access to Asset Management learning to those working within housing.

Employees working within the sector need to understand the benefits of taking a whole life cycle approach to how they build, maintain and dispose of the properties.

To help you with the many ongoing Asset Management challenges throughout the housing sector, we offer a specifically designed Certificate Course. Completing our endorsed Course will fully prepare you to pass the Institute of Asset Management Certificate Examination.

Our recently released video explains how this Course can make a difference to your employees and your organisation.

Our new video is created by ourselves and Complex Asset Management Solutions (CAMS).

CAMS is an independent Asset Management consultancy with years of global experience in a range of sectors, delivering best practice Asset Management advice, transforming complex challenges into practical and efficient solutions across a range of sectors worldwide. This includes delivering measurable results within the housing sector. When this is combined with our extensive experience in designing and delivering high quality learning programmes, it gives assurance that our “Learning Journey” is both able to deliver the required knowledge and is educationally sound.

It has been created in partnership with Wakefield District Council (WDH) who is one of Yorkshires largest social housing landlords.

Bringing our organisations together provides a strong message and you can be sure that the quality of our training meets the demanding needs of the housing sector.

There are a few key factors impacting how housing organisations operate that require a better approach to Asset Management. Our training courses will empower you to handle such challenges.

Compliance, Resilience and Safety

Good Asset Management helps to:

  • Reduce the frequency and impact of risk
  • Maximise compliance with regulations and laws
  • Helps to avoid asset failures
  • Develop optimised cost-risk-performance
  • Increase investment capabilities
  • Achieve better value for money for every pound invested into housing

Condition of homes

The living conditions in homes is important to customers and the reputation of the social landlord. It should also match the organisations standard of quality. For example, adding the ISO 55001 standard as a framework for Asset Management you will be able to:

  • Identify the right methods of construction
  • Optimise maintenance and operational strategies
  • Tackle void and uneconomical properties
  • Increase the life of the homes
  • Comply with regulations and standards
  • Sustainability and climate change

Adapting to a changing environment has an increasing dramatic effect on housing stock. Through our courses you will be able to build the business case for eco friendly high-quality homes by being able to quantify and monetise all benefits to the environment.

Supply chain

Learn to maximise the value in your supply chain through collaborative framework agreements and manage the opportunities that exist in outsourcing while ensuring risks are managed systematically.


Data can be complicated but its important to get it right. It is often difficult to know what to collect and how to get the best quality data to make smarter decisions and create planned investments with confidence.

By attending our courses, you can gain a competitive advantage enabling you to become a future champion for your organisation, moving towards a better and more joined up, efficient approach.

Our housing Asset Management learning journey is endorsed by the IAM and comes with CPD credits for professional bodies membership. Take a look at the course here.

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