Making asset management courses work for your business

Training in the workplace can sometimes be met with resistance. Whilst the necessity of training your staff is widely recognised and understood, business owners can often show reluctance. Will my staff have time to train? Are the modules accessible to them? Will they need much support from within the business?

At Asset Wisdom, we understand these concerns. As such, the suite of asset management training we have developed ensures workplace learning can be easily accessed, understood, and completed without day-to-day disruption.

Will we have time to train?

Though continuous workplace learning is vital to gain the most from your staff, it can be a worry when the time to train is taken from day-to-day operations. Thankfully, with Asset Wisdom, our asset management (AM) courses can be completed alongside the working day. Modules take only approximately half an hour to complete, meaning staff can complete the next stage of their development in just 30 minutes. What’s more, parts of the modules can be repeated if needed, to both reinforce learning and alleviate worries about interruption. In addition, our AM webinars last for only around 90 minutes, making them a digestible hour and a half with accompanying reference materials to support the learning.

Will the modules be accessible to us?

Today’s society expects us to be able to access the online world anytime, anywhere. Thankfully, that lies perfectly with Asset Wisdom’s ethos to make learning accessible at any time, in any place. To log in to our learning modules, you need only a smart device (whether a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone), an internet connection, and your password. There are no complicated systems and no need to hire facilities in which to hold training. Further, our learning courses are currently available in English and Spanish, broadening the opportunity to make our courses accessible and better suited to your staff.

Will the business need to support the training?

Naturally, any business training will be most productive when all levels of management are involved and staff feel supported. However, we understand that this is not always practical. Therefore, with Asset Wisdom, you have AM learning designed to assist you every step of the way. We have a help desk, and an online Learner System, to guide and support staff through the training modules. As such, should questions or issues arise, you can rest assured knowing that there is a team on hand to answer queries and assist with completing the courses.

If you’re looking for accessible, manageable and supportive online training that is tried, tested and educationally-sound, speak to one of the Asset Wisdom team today. Contact us.