Increasing Accessibility: Asset Wisdom’s Asset Management Certificate Course in Spanish

At Asset Wisdom, our ultimate goal is to make asset management (AM) accessible to all. As such, we are proud to announce that our Asset Management Certificate Course is now available in Spanish.

The additional language version of the course has multiple benefits, not least making the modules accessible to native Spanish speakers. It increases reseller opportunities, which allows learning to reach a wider client base. It also enables resellers to enhance marketability and commitment to a wider team, increasing opportunities to share the benefits of AM with a broader scope of stakeholders.

AM learning, through convenient online modules, drives the application that increases AM confidence and competence for both businesses and individuals. Asset Wisdom’s Asset Management Certificate Course teaches the principles of asset management. Modules cover the Institute of Asset Management (IAM)’s syllabus and the 39 globally-recognised areas of AM as defined by ISO55000 international standard. Therefore, the course is fully accredited and can be completed safe in the knowledge that the primary principles of AM will be learnt and can be applied.

As an online-based course, the learning is flexible: all 14 modules can be accessed at a time and a place to suit you, and completed on any device. However, this independent e-learning needn’t to be undertaken alone.The AM course gives you access to a wider community of AM experts, who can share their knowledge and experience and provide support.

The modules can be completed in your own time, and repeated if required, to maximise understanding and knowledge gained. Indeed, the course tests your learning as you go in a fun, informal way that makes the material clear to understand. This is evidently effective: completion of the course ensures you are 100% prepared to take the IAM exam. We proudly have a 99.9% pass rate for those who go on to take the exam after finishing the online course.

The new language course availability is an exciting step both for Asset Wisdom and AM as a whole. It allows students for whom English is not their mother tongue easier access to, and improved understanding of, the course materials, whether they are studying here in the UK or accessing the learning from abroad. In fact, Spanish is widely considered to be the second most natively spoken language in the world. Therefore, producing our AM certificate course materials in Spanish is an extremely positive step towards making AM learning accessible to all.

If you would like to learn more about the Asset Wisdom’s Asset Management Certificate Course and its new Spanish version, simple click here for further course information or contact our team.