At the Forefront of Learning: Asset Management Certificate Course

An essential part of effective asset management (AM) is making sure its processes and procedures are continually up to date. For thoroughly successful AM, the latest standards must be adhered to and all learning must reflect the most recent industry developments.

To remain firmly at the forefront of AM teachings, at Asset Wisdom we are continually improving our courses and modules to deliver only the best learning in the industry. As such, we are incredibly proud to offer our newly-developed Asset Management Certificate Course: The Principles of Asset Management.

We firmly believe that AM is essential, and therefore must be easy to access for both businesses and individuals. As such, our course is online-based, meaning the learning is flexible. It can be completed on any device, at a time and place to suit you. To maximise your studies, we will be available to guide you along the way. The course gives you access to a wider community of industry experts, who are there to support you and share their knowledge and expertise.

The course contains 14 modules, each covering the Institute of Asset Management (IAM)’s syllabus and the 39 globally-recognised areas of AM. These areas are defined by ISO55000 international standard, giving you full confidence in the credibility of the course, the accreditation applied, and the skills and learning to be gained.

Complete all modules, assessments included, and you’ll receive your AWE! Certificate. You’ll then be 100% ready to take the IAM’s professional AM exam. Those who have studied the course and go on to take the exam deliver a 99.9% pass rate: testament to the quality and comprehension of the course materials.

Ease and accessibility are our aims, so we’ve made the course clear to understand, with informal tests to cement your learning as you go. The modules can be repeated, if required, to maximise your knowledge and allow you to work at your own pace.

We’ve made it straightforward to sign up to the AM Certificate Course, so you can begin your steps towards AM qualification right away. Simply select your course from Asset Wisdom’s online learning store, checkout, register and pay securely using PayPal. Log-in details will be sent to your email account, and you can use them immediately and select ‘My Learning’ to start your course.

In keeping with our goal to make AM accessible to all, the course is now also available in Spanish. Learn more about second language learning here.

If you have any questions, or if we can help or advise, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Asset Wisdom team.

Read the course leaflet here