Asset Wisdom and IHEEM knowledge partnership, together putting the spotlight on Asset Management in the Health Service

What is IHEEM?

The Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management is recognised as an International Professional Engineering Institute specialising in the Healthcare Estates Sector. In partnership with the Health Facilities Management Association, IHEEM is working with Asset Wisdom to provide Asset Management learning to its membership.

One of the key objectives of the Institute is to support its membership to be safe practitioners but also to ensure that there are options available to develop their careers by partnering with relevant training providers. Asset Wisdom is incredibly pleased to be one of those providers.

Why are IHEEM and Asset Wisdom working together?

There is a recognised need for an asset management approach to address the current and future challenges faced by NHS estates. The key actions are to ensure there is a common language to deliver consistency and measurable outcomes and develop AM knowledge and skills across all NHS Estates by:

  • Increasing the ability of Trusts to better manage the 100 + PFI contracts that are due to be handed back
  • Understanding the responsibilities and implications of asset ownership across the 1,000 + non-PFI estates
  • To maximise the investment opportunities resulting from the Governments 2020 capital spending revue
  • Addressing the £6Bn estates maintenance backlog
  • Developing AM knowledge and skills across all NHS estates to enable utilisation of a whole life whole system approach

The courses and the experience Asset Wisdom brings will complement the learning and services provided by our other IHEEM Knowledge Partners. Asset Management (AM) is more than just managing assets, it’s about taking a “whole life, whole systems” approach to strategic investment decisions to ensure the balance between cost, risk, and performance to deliver optimum value and meet the needs and expectation of all healthcare stakeholders.”

Bringing Experts together

IHEEM has established an AM group chaired by Greg Markham, bringing together experts from the NHS and other sectors that have been on the Asset Management journey. The sharing of experience will be key to developing a whole system approach to the management of assets.

Bringing together experts in the field and utilising the experience of other sectors will aid the development of tools and resources to support members. Not reinventing wheels!

Key questions for Healthcare learners to consider:

  • What is Asset Management?
  • Why adopt Asset Management?
  • Why Now?

It should be remembered that Asset Management is not just for engineers, the success of the asset management system is the need to take a whole life cycle approach to the management of the assets from defining need and is reliant on all in the organisation playing their part.

The Challenge

To Change from Maintenance Management (or managing assets) to an ISO 55000 based Asset Management approach

As said, Asset Management is not just for Engineers but is a whole-team, whole-system approach throughout any organisation irrespective of rank and role. Engineers can be the catalyst to communicate the benefits of adopting an Asset Management approach to ensure that all NHS Assets are correctly managed throughout their whole life-cycle. This, in turn, will ensure added value to not only the assets but to the patient journey.

There is a need to challenge the norm, shift the culture, add value to current practice which will enable sustainable change. Giving Engineers the language and tools to communicate with the whole organisation will be key. People make the difference and with the right training they can engage positively and contribute to organisational change.

As a Professional Membership Organisation, IHEEM is engaging its membership to be part of the development of the future of AM. To develop a framework case study introducing real life examples and benefits utilising the tools /models and language of the NHS today and identifying why some of what currently exists does not meet the need to introduce a whole system approach to the management of the NHS assets. Importantly to develop new tools where required.

If you want to get involved or know more

IHEEM is also a registered charity (257133) under the education and training classification. For more information on IHEEM and Asset Wisdom’s Partnership follow the link below:

IHEEM is providing the opportunity for its members to access Asset Management online learning that will develop knowledge further or for others start the journey as potential Asset Management professionals

The following link takes you to the Asset Wisdom Reading Room where you will find links to additional information

The following link takes you to the TC paper: Managing Assets -v- Asset Management

Visit the IHEEM website at:

Read the IHEEM article on our partnership here
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