The awe! Progression to Asset Management Certificate Course

This 11 module course builds on the 3 module Asset Management Foundation Award Course.

The Course provides the additional 11 modules required for full coverage of the IAM's Competencies Framework and the 39 subjects of the Asset Management Landscape published by the Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM).

It is therefore a perfect way to build on the learning from the Asset Management Foundation Award Course in preparation for the IAM's exam and gaining their highly respected qualification.

AW008 Asset Management Planning

This module explains the role of asset management planning in determining the organizations asset management activities and budgetary considerations. It describes how the organisation’s strategic planning framework and the role of sustainable development are used to develop an asset management…

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AW009 Asset Information

This module focuses on the role of information within an organisation’s asset management system. It identifies the core components of an effective asset information environment, including the information needs of internal and external stakeholders, and the ‘asset information systems’ needed…

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