The awe! Progression to Asset Management Certificate Course

This 11 module course builds on the 3 module Asset Management Foundation Award Course.

The Course provides the additional 11 modules required for full coverage of the IAM's Competencies Framework and the 39 subjects of the Asset Management Landscape published by the Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM).

It is therefore a perfect way to build on the learning from the Asset Management Foundation Award Course in preparation for the IAM's exam and gaining their highly respected qualification.

AW004 Risk and Risk Management

This module demonstrates how an understanding of risk and risk management are essential in asset management. It also gives an introduction to the closely related topics of resilience analysis, contingency planning and the management of change. Learning Outcomes This module…

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AW005 Organisational Context and Stakeholder Expectations

This module explains how asset management needs to be aligned to ‘the big picture’, the organizational context, including the importance of understanding stakeholder needs and how they can be met. Learning Outcomes This module will provide an understanding of: What…

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AW006 Scope of the Asset Management System

This module explains what an asset management system is and how it impacts the whole organisation. It shows the scope, structure and main elements of a system and how this provides for the coordination, control and continual improvement of assets…

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AW008 Asset Management Planning

This module explains the role of asset management planning in determining the organizations asset management activities and budgetary considerations. It describes how the organisation’s strategic planning framework and the role of sustainable development are used to develop an asset management…

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AW009 Asset Information

This module focuses on the role of information within an organisation’s asset management system. It identifies the core components of an effective asset information environment, including the information needs of internal and external stakeholders, and the ‘asset information systems’ needed…

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AW010 Asset Management Decision Making

This module demonstrates how asset management decision making is crucial to the development of robust asset management plans. It explains how all stages of the asset life cycle need to be modeled within a framework. The framework ensures a consistent…

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AW011 Leadership, Organisation and People

This module focuses on the importance of people for the delivery of effective asset management. It explains how good leadership and the building of an appropriate culture and supporting structures are central to asset managers delivering organisational objectives. It also…

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AW012 Asset & Asset Management System Performance

This module explains the role of ‘asset health’ and ‘asset management system performance monitoring’ in supporting the delivery of an organisation’s asset management objectives. It covers the importance of setting clear performance indicators and effective measurement processes, and of identifying…

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AW013 Life cycle activities Part 1

This module explains the key phases in an asset’s life cycle. This includes identification of need, creation or acquisition, utilisation and maintenance and decommissioning and disposal. It looks at the integration of these activities to maximise value and at the…

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AW014 Life cycle activities Part 2

This module describes the key enabling actions that are required to support the effective management of an asset over its life. It covers considerations associated with design, legislation, configuration and resource management. This module should be considered in conjunction with…

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