We put people at the heart of partnered Asset Management learning - globally

Online learning and exams for the next generation of Asset Management professionals

The start of the Asset Wisdom journey: We are a very successful partnered learning provider/company working with global organisations, students and clients to train the next generation of Asset Managers. Founded in 2015 when we launched the very successful asset wisdom empowerment (awe) online learning modules, giving partners, companies and students immediate access to the latest training and development. The catalyst to our success was our course content gaining recognition with the international quality standard ISO55000 for asset management.

As our journey progressed we gained endorsement by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and all our learning is accredited for Continued Professional Development (CPD).

How we achieved this: by having the right people with the right leadership and creating a team that is collaborative, creative, problem solving and going beyond what’s expected of them. The compass for everyone that works at Asset Wisdom determines how we behave with each other and with our customers.

Our ongoing aim is to expand and continue our collaboration with a global network of Partner organisations to spread asset management knowledge and put people at the heart of our learning.

As we progress we believe that there is no substitute for experience! Sharing our expertise with our Partners is where we add the most value; first class listening to understand goals and the complexities through to delivery is what we do best.

Embracing the latest technology, we have created a structured online approach to learning and embedding it as an integrated part of our partner’s service delivery. We offer learning as a service which is an established and successful solution with clear guidance and support in the field of learning. We are committed to offering our partners a service they can trust to enable them to navigate their way through today’s challenges and meet the growing global demand for asset management knowledge and learning.



Our Learning as a Service is a ‘ready to go’ and proven end to end

learning solution consisting of three primary pillars. These enable

our Partner to market, sell and deliver the online awe! asset

management learning courses to their staff, clients, or supply chain

partners – we take care of the rest!



Our current Partners come from a range of industry sectors and include:

  • Professional Bodies
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Expert Asset Management Consultants
  • Learning Organisations

Let’s talk!

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Our expertise lies in asset management, education and learning, change management and collaborative partnership working.

Meet the Team


Janet Wilson, Client Account/Relationship Manager

Janet is incredibly practical and realistic with a “Customer is King” attitude; she will go that extra mile for you. Possessing excellent interpersonal skills, she has been described as “tenacious” by her peers and as “someone who gets the job done to the highest of standards”. She is a dedicated and successful Account/Relationship Manager working at the internationally recognised quality mark ISO55000 for Asset Management.

She has had a 35-year career in the NHS managing diverse teams across many clinical and non-clinical disciplines, possessing a wide range of skills and knowledge, well versed in quality impovement/change management/LEAN practices/risk management/budgetary management and many more. She believes that investment in staff training is the key to success; Asset Wisdom delivers learning solutions and “e-learning is definitely a plus for both the learner and employer as it ensures consistency and flexibility whilst providing documented evidence of training”.  Asset Wisdom’s dedicated e-learning solutions to a global market and industries, such as building and engineering, is endorsed by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and also attracts CPD (Continued Professional Development) credits for learners that are recognised across the world.




Chris Bradley, Director Commercial & Product Development, Co Founder

Chris is a co-founder and Director of Asset Wisdom, a strategic thinker and Company Director with over 30 years’ experience of sucessfully partnering with, and adding value to businesses. He is an undertstanding advocate for collaborative working, respecting each other’s values and objectives to establish benefit for all.  He has extensive experience in asset and project management across various sectors. This has included the development and roll-out of global asset management learning solutions for blue chip organisations.

A devotee of developing the competence and confidence of individuals and organisations alike in the practice of asset management to successfully deliver change and value, improve motivation and foster knowledge sharing.

Specialties include e-learning solutions, business management, account management, project management and asset management. His outstanding quality is the ability to, not only start projects and apply high attention to detail but to complete them; engaging all concerned participants to mutually beneficial outcomes.

Chris himself is an expert when it comes to the network of Asset Management subject matter experts and consistently works in high-value partnerships with like-minded organisations to propagate asset management learning. Join him in spreadng Asset Management learnng Globally.




June Lancaster, Managing Director and Co Founder

June is an outstanding business leader, strategic thinker and Company Director with a career that has put her at the heart of “Women in Business”. Her collaborative management style, working with business leaders across divers sectors in both the private and public sector has seen her leading large departments and major projects with multi-million pound budgets. Creating strategic relationships with organisations and institutes, delivering change, developing and motivating staff, identifying and implementng performance improvements and creating new companies to deliver consultancy services and online learning.

Her focus is to train the next generation of Asset Managers in global organisations. She excels in maximising their Return on Investment (ROI), whilst employing the highest international (ISO) quality standards throughout. June’s driving belief is that organisations of all sizes need to be managed as a whole system. She says “the starting point is getting the people-asset mix right! If you have confident, competent people in an environment that is truly supportive and you provide them with direction, the right tools and great processes, amazing value is sure to follow”.



Andy Nutter, Business Development Manager

Andrew is a professional and dedicated Business Development Manager with a passion for working in Learning and Development; maximising existing client partnerships using his collaborative relationship building skills. He has been at the heart of learning for 6 years with a globally recognised awarding body and will go on to extend his knowledge in Asset Management learning globally.

Consistently working to ISO55000 quality charter and alongside the IAM, he joins Asset Wisdom as one of the leading business development managers. Within his previous team, he increased his client accounts revenue streams from £4.2 million to £8.9 million over 5 years, maximising the ROI. He is a man on a mission to secure your partnership and assist you with the best outcomes for Asset Management learning.