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Asset Wisdom 

In 2014 the Asset Wisdom founders recognised that if the asset management profession was to grow to meet the anticipated demand for asset management competencies and skills created by the launch of ISO 55000 (the international standard for asset management), then new approaches to fulfil this increase in capacity was required.

The catalyst for the new approach was the outcome of a collaborative project that developed a suite of online learning in nine languages, and face to face workshops to support the roll out of Sodexo’s global asset management system aligned to the requirements of ISO55000.

Asset Wisdom was founded out of this experience and harnessed experts in learning, learning technology and asset management.  Together, in 2015 we developed and launched our own suite of online asset management learning modules which we have branded as awe!

Today our learning courses are accredited for Continual Professional Development (CPD) and endorsed by The Institute of Asset Management.  These are delivered through our technology partner Kineo, one of the City & Guilds Group of companies.

Our Aim

To build and work with a global network of Partner organisations to spread asset management knowledge through quality online learning products and supporting learning services.

Our Principles

Our principles and values are the compass for everyone that works here and guide every aspect of what we do.  They determine how we behave with each other and with our customers.

Right People

Our success is a result of having the right people; creating a team that is collaborative, meticulous and have a natural positivity about them is a priority for our leadership.  We recognise people for their creativity, problem solving and going beyond what’s expecsted of them.

Right Products and Services

Having the right products and services ensure that we have learning that is fit for purpose.  Our “Learning as a Service” offer supports our Partners and Corporate clients to focus on applying learning to enhance their business while we focus on the operational excellence in its’ delivery.  This is at the core of what we do day to day.  We are proactive about challenges by identifying and resolving them before they ever have an impact on our customers.  Speak to anyone at Asset Wisdom; they will go out of their way to make certain that you have a great experience.

Right Vision

There is no substitute for experience and sharing our expertise with our Partners is where we add the most value.  It starts with first class listening to understand your goals and the complexities you are tackling.  We evolve ahead of the market as a result so that when our Partners are ready to work with us they’re in sure hands.

Our Partners

We work with our Partners to spread asset management globally to build a better world and recognise that people matter.

In these turbulent and changing times, organisations are now looking for ways to redefine the “new normal” and deliver their core services, where possible, at a distance.

We all need to adapt and work together to make these changes a reality for the benefit of society, organisations and their staff.

Asset Wisdom believe that by working collaboratively with our Partners, online learning can be integral to making the “new normal” a success, both in the current climate and in the future.  By creating a structured approach to learning and embedding it as an integrated part of our Partner’s service delivery, it will offer a real step forward.

We are flexible and collaborative and offer a ready to go solution with clear guidance and support in the field of learning.  We are committed to offering our Partners a service they can trust and enable them to navigate their way through today’s challenges.

Our current Partners come from a range of industry sectors and include:

  • Professional Bodies
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Expert Asset Management Consultants
  • Learning Organisations

Let’s talk!

Contact us or call us on +44 (0)1937 557875 or +44 (o)7775942775

Our expertise lies in asset management, education and learning, change management and collaborative partnership working.

Meet the Team


June Lancaster, Managing Director

After initially working as a nurse, June progressed to the management of health through facilities management and the creation of public/private joint ventures.

In 2003, she set up the NHS’ Core Learning Unit and took it to 300,000 users: a world high at the time. June is key to building the relationships that lie behind our rapid growth.

Chris Bradley, Director Commercial & Product Development

Chris has extensive experience in asset and project management across various sectors. This has included the development and roll-out of global asset management learning solutions for blue chip organisations.

He knows what makes e-learning effective and successful. He is a great advocate for collaborative working, respecting each other’s values and objectives to establish benefits for all with a proven track record in developing partner relationships.

Kevin Main, Marketing Director


Kevin’s expertise lies in research, running learning sets and facilitation. He’s particularly interested in how language, design and facilitation techniques encourage people to adopt asset management, and how new methods can be effectively implemented.

Janet Wilson, Client Account Manager

Following a career in the Health Service spanning 35 year, Janet’s focus in her Senior Management roles has been the management of various clinical specialties with a diverse mix of multidisciplinary staff.

Janet has excellent interpersonal, organisational and analytical skills.  She is well versed in quality improvement techniques, change management and LEAN methodology.  Janet is passionate about supporting clients and firmly believes that investment in staff learning is key to organisational success.

Andy Nutter, Business Development Manager

With over 6-years experience in the educational sector, Andy has a strong passion for learning and development and takes pride in supporting businesses to achieve success through their people.

A broad understanding of various industries, management of key accounts through partnership and consultative approach has provided him with a wealth of experience which he has brought to Asset Wisdom.