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Why choose awe!

Our awe! learning is designed to help you develop your knowledge of asset management so you can apply it both personally and professionally. It’s backed by official accreditation and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Flexible: our online courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, allowing you to learn at your own pace. You can also study on any device, from mobile and tablet to desktop.

Adaptable: you can repeat any part of the course or test yourself as many times as you need, strengthening your understanding of asset management.

Supportive: individual learning doesn’t mean learning alone. We provide access to asset management experts who are there to guide you, and invite you to join in their skill-sharing webinars.

Exam-ready: study with us and our courses will prepare you for exams, such as the Institute of Asset Management’s (IAM) Principles of Asset Management Certificate. 99.9% of our students pass the exams first time.

Globally-recognised: all 39 subject areas of the globally-recognised asset management landscape are fully covered by our certificate course. It is mapped to the Institute of Asset Management’s Competency Framework and the IS0 55000 standards for good asset management practice.

Accredited: all our asset management courses have CPD certification demonstrating external validation of furthering learning with high-value and well-structured course content.

Language: our suite of online modules is available in English and Spanish.

Choose a course

We offer a range of courses designed to support your individual learning needs. For personal development, we recommend one of the following courses dependent on your asset management knowledge:

awe! Asset Management Foundation Award Course: 3-5 hours learning and CPD points. This course offers additional reading and access to an online knowledge test. On successful completion of the course’s three modules and recommended reading, you will be fully prepared to take the Institute of Asset Management’s (IAM) knowledge test. This is incorporated as the final step and, on achieving a pass marked of 66% or higher, you will be issued with the IAM’s Foundation Award certificate.

This course is ideal for anyone wishing to gain an insight into asset management and enables you to see how asset management involves everyone in an organisation, as well as secure recognition from a professional body for your new found knowledge.

awe! Asset Management Progression to Certificate Course: 20 hours learning and CPD points. Once you have completed our asset management foundation award course, you can continue your learning journey to complete the full awe! Asset Management Certificate Course.

awe! Asset Management Certificate Course: 25 hours learning and CPD points. Gain greater insight into asset management with this 14-module course. It gives you coverage of the IAM’s Competency Framework and is mapped to all 39 subject areas of the globally-recognised Asset Management Landscape and requirements for ISO 55000. The course covers the syllabus of the IAM’s Professional Asset Management exam. On successful completion of the course you will gain the awe! Asset Management Course Certificate. If you go on to take and pass the professional asset management exam you will secure the IAM’s asset managment certificate and digital badge.

This course is ideal if you’re looking to enhance your existing knowledge and develop your career in asset management.

Asset Management Self-Assembly Course: combine any of our modules to create a course that’s tailored to you. Choose a single module or pick ’n’ mix up to 14 modules from across our courses to create a bespoke learning course to develop your asset management skills.

We’re here to guide you. Contact us and we’ll help you choose the course that’s right for you.

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Once you’ve chosen your course, simply click ‘buy now’. You’ll be taken to our online portal, where you’ll only need to follow a few simple steps to select and pay for your course.

Once you’ve purchased your course, you’ll be sent your own personal log-in details for our private training portal. From there, you’ll be able to access your course to begin your learning anytime, anywhere.