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Join our growing global network of partner resellers

Join our growing network of reseller partners of our awe! branded online asset management learning. There is real opportunity for you to not only extend and add value to your current service offerings but also to make a significant difference to the positive impact asset management can have on your client’s business, the environment, economy and people’s lives.

We are looking for like-minded organisations who recognise the importance of the ‘people factor’ in driving value from assets whilst ensuring real sustainability. In doing so, they seek to spread asset management knowledge globally or within their chosen market sectors.

Reseller attributes

From our experience, the attributes of a typical organisation seeking to become an awe! reseller include:

  • Committed to spreading asset management knowledge
  • Wishing to expand their core service offering
  • Wanting to add value to their existing services
  • Seen as making a difference to how assets are managed sustainably
  • Asset management opinion leaders
  • Looking for a fast ROI
  • Collaborative

Typical reseller organisation

We work with many organisations small and large, across all industry sectors including:

  • Blue chip global civil engineering service providers
  • Specialist asset management consultancies
  • Business management consultancies
  • Professional bodies
  • Learning providers
  • Universities
  • Facilities management service providers
  • Construction
  • Housing
  • Estates management

Learning as a Service

We offer our awe! ‘learning as a service’ as the enabler for you to become a reseller partner. This means that you focus on marketing and selling, and we take care of the rest.

Our Learning as a Service:

1. It’s branded as yours and offered as an end-to-end service to your staff and supply chain partners.

2. Our suite of educationally-sound online asset management learning. View our courses

3. Five in-company workshops facilitated by an expert to apply the learning. They have been designed to help executives see how asset management can improve their business. They also help them make the business base and define the implementation road map.

The first two workshops explore if asset management is right for the organisation. The latter workshops begin to lay the foundations for an asset management system, including competencies and information requirements.

4. Webinars that provide access to an expert, with a focus on reinforcing the online learning and applying it your real-life issues.

5. Portal – we will configure and brand your portal: a fast and secure web-based platform through which the online learning is delivered. It can also carry your pictures, videos and text, and host other online learning if you wish.

Note: if you’re not ready to commit to your own portal, you can start with ours. This could be useful if rapid set-up or a trial is required.

6. Support services you and your clients, to set up user accounts to access the online learning, generate learner progress reports, access to a help desk and administration of the portal.

7. Joint marketing support, including access to our existing materials that can be co-branded.



The financials are right

  • With minimal CapEx and OpEx you get a complete learning solution that adds serious value to your core service offering.
  • And when you on-sell to clients, you turn training from a cost into a profit line.

The time is right

  • Boards are recognising that achieving the IS055000 AM Standard promises better business performance, and they know that the ‘people factor’ is essential for the realisation of these gains.
  • They also want integrated services from fewer suppliers.
  • CPD: be ahead of the game by offering asset management learning that is CPD-accredited.
  • NVQ: offer asset management learning that supports the globally-recognised NVQ Level 3 and 5 exams from the Institute of Asset Management.

Staff empowerment is right

  • By providing training, the obligation to support staff development is met.
  • With it, confidence, competence, motivation and retention rates are all likely to rise.
  • Likewise, buying on an ‘on demand’ basis enables the value-add to be measured.