The awe! Gateway to Asset Management Course

The awe! Gateway to Asset Management Course

This three module course is for senior executives, leaders and key decision-makers wishing to understand how managing assets enhances business performance.

The course covers the basics of asset management, including its main concepts, language and benefits and its emergence as a global standard.

It also highlights the key determinants for its adoption and successful implementation.

The course can be accessed on any smart mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

You will receive CPD points for completing this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • What asset management is
  • Asset management’s basic concepts, principles and terminology
  • Asset management’s scope, main benefits and value to different stakeholders
  • The emergence of asset management as a global standard
  • Characteristics of good asset management and commonly used techniques
  • Common misunderstanding, how to address them and how to aid implementation

Estimated Duration

3 x 20-40 minute slots (or modules can be completed in bite-size chunks if preferred).