The awe! Asset Management Foundation Award Course

The awe! Asset Management Foundation Award Course

Asset Management Foundation Course

This course provides a great foundation in understanding the basic concepts, language and significant benefits organisations gain from an asset management approach. It also introduces the content and role of the International Standards for asset management (ISO 55000).

The course sets out the basis for adopting an asset management approach, what it entails and the key determinants for success.

The course also enables learners to see how asset management involves everyone in the organisation and how their role may be directly or indirectly impacted.

On successful completion of the course’s three modules and recommended reading, the learner will be fully prepared to take the Institute of Asset Management’s (IAM) knowledge test. This is incorporated as the final step and, on achieving a pass marked of 66% or higher, the learner will be issued with the IAM’s Foundation Award certificate.

This course contains three parts; 3 Modules + 1 Recommended Reading Text + 1 Knowledge Test. The reading section must be acknowledged as complete before the knowledge test can be accessed and completed.

You will receive CPD points for this course.

Target Audience

The course has been designed for anyone who requires a basic introduction to the concepts, language and benefits of asset management.

AW001 Introduction to ISO 55000

This module informs learners from a wide range of business sectors about ISO55000, its history, purpose, scope and the benefits available from its application. Learning Outcomes This module will provide an understanding of: The context and background to ISO 55000 including the journey from BSI PAS 55 The purpose of ISO 55000, its scope of […]

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AW002 Introduction to Asset Management

This module provides an introduction to asset management. It highlights the principles, processes and benefits of good asset management, including the need for an asset management system, its main components are and how they are applied. The module emphasizes the importance of informed decision-making throughout the life cycle of assets so that they deliver value […]

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AW003 Benefits of Asset Management

This module enables the learner to understand the benefits of a consistent, integrated and whole life cycle approach to asset management. It also covers the importance of good communication and how to recognise and handle some of the misunderstandings that are likely during the planning and implementation phases. Learning Outcomes This module will provide an […]

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Learning Outcomes
What asset management is
What assets, asset systems and asset portfolios are
The value obtainable from assets and their management
The context, background and purpose of ISO55000, the asset management standard
The main benefits of asset management and how they apply to different stakeholders
The importance of consultation, training and communication in the implementation phase
How to recognise and handle common misunderstanding and resistance
The IAM knowledge test
Once the modules and reading have been completed access will be given to the Institute of Asset Management’s (IAM’s) Foundation Award knowledge test

It’s a ‘pass or fail’ test that requires a 66% or higher mark to pass.

The Recommended Further Reading
Once the modules have been completed, the reading will round off the learning and deepen your understanding in preparation for the Knowledge Test.

Reading will take 40-60 mins but take as long as you need, and you can read more widely if you wish.