The Asset Management Learning Journey for the Housing Sector

The housing sector is facing major challenges and change such as increased rights of tenants, the eagerly anticipated new Housing Bill, investor expectations, the outcome of the Grenfell report and regulations.

We believe that by partnering with key players in the housing sector that we can help to develop asset management skills and build more confident communities, putting tenants first.

All parts of the sector as a whole have a part to play in the construction and affordability of fit for purpose housing accommodation putting tenants at the heart of everything they do. To do this, staff need to understand the benefits of taking a whole life cycle to how they build, maintain and dispose of the sectors estate.

What will a partnership with Asset Wisdom achieve?

Our asset management partnerships and collaborations aim to:

  • Increase the value of housing assets with tenants at the forefront of every decision.
  • To help organisations to make wise investment decisions. Developing the ability to support the most vulnerable tenants and people in financial need. Ensuring safe and decent standards of housing.
  • ‘Building back better’ = enable investment in housing that underpins the sustainability of the housing stock including the implementation of energy efficiency measures to mitigate rising energy prices and costs.
  • Create confident communities.
  • Creating better places to live.
  • Meet the highest standards of safety and repair and regenerating communities.
  • Meet all challenges (internal and external stakeholder expectations) arising from customer affordability issues as a result of welfare reforms and demographic changes, as well as changing customer needs, increasing customer expectations, and a changing regulatory landscape.
  • Manage the proactive investment to address Carbon Net Zero (CNZ) requirements.

Your SAMP (Strategic Asset Management Plan) will highlight the investment and improvement areas for the housing stock over the next 3-5 years. The success of your strategy will be dependent on all staff having an understanding of Asset Management, the important role that they play in delivery of objectives and the tools and techniques available to do this. Asset Wisdom can join you on this journey and guide you through the challenges.

Supporting the Housing Sector

The Certificate in Asset Management for the Housing Sector: “The Housing Learning Journey” has been created by Asset Wisdom and the Housing Sector, specifically for the Housing Sector.

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